Founded in 2016 by composer/arranger Nick Proch, Metamorphestra is an orchestra that brings new, film score-esque life to songs from the radio.

Anchored by the success of TANTAMOUNT, an album of orchestral arrangements of Rage Against the Machine, Radiohead, Muse, Tool, and others, Nick created Metamorphestra as an ensemble dedicated to giving a refreshing new spin on music everyone knows. TANTAMOUNT and its successful Kickstarter campaign received coverage from NME, NY Daily News, NerdistUproxx, AV Club, Death and Taxes, and many more sites.

On October 9, 2016, another Kickstarter campaign launched, this time for Metamorphestra’s debut album, THE SHIP OF THESEUS. Within a week of launching, the project quickly received positive acclaim by Loudwire, iHeartRadioGuitar Player Magazine, and ultimate-guitar.com.

Nick is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and records primarily in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of The University of Arizona and UCLA’s Film Scoring extension program.